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Testimonials & "down with tinnitus gloom!"

At 90 odd Betty is our oldest committee member.
Born with tinnitus and still cheerful !


"My very sincere thanks to you for your help. This "tinnitus & co" is a very distressing condition as you yourself know. So anything at all of help is indeed most acceptable. I am most grateful for your help. No one knows, only those of us affected, the effect it has day and night. So I again offer you many thanks it's nice to know others care and not to feel so alone"

"Thankyou for all the marvellous work the members of your group and yourself do on behalf of myself and many others world-wide kindest regards and thanks to you."

"We thought your leaflet was very clear and to the point and would like to offer it to our clients. Please could we request 200 copies to distribute? Keep up your good work!"

"I have received the tape and sleeping pillow speaker which you so kindly sent to me. I have already tried them both and find them very effective and will help in the long-term. Once again I wish to thank you for your help and information."

"Thankyou so much for the prompt dispatch of the tapes etc.. I received it the following day. Your telephone advice was much appreciated and gave me hope for the future and some quieter nights!"

"I have undergone cranial massage to release the plates which make up the skull. Your advicet certainly make me aware that my neck muscles were under tension, result is, I feel more relaxed."

"Thank you for the rescue pack which has arrived safely I'm sure it will be of great help to me. Will you also thank Bill for the time he took to explain about tinnitus to me. The phone call was very reassuring."

"Many thanks for your quick service. Keep up the good work."

And DVD 'River and Sea' commen
"I was entranced. I think they are very good and can imagine people taking 'time out' to sit down and practice their breathing exercises whilst watching one or the other.  Maybe a recommended breathing exercise of the same length of the DVD can be devised?" (Avril Dring cochlea implant patient).“

“I have a severe profound hearing loss with troublesome tinnitus. I have to say how very calming and therapeutic the DVD was. I particularly like the river scenario but I know it is personal choice. I felt that your accompanying notes were essential to the user and as a Hearing Therapist I would certainly be pointing this out to anyone who might be using this, other wise the person using it may not get the full therapeutic effect.” (Megan Ritchie Senior Hearing Therapist)

"You may be interested to know I have experienced tinnitus all my life and extraordinarily the River & Sea DVD completely masked it for a short while." (Registered Hearing Therapist)

“Thank you very much for the DVD's.  I received them this morning and am very pleased. I want to use it along with a relaxation exercise and after seeing the DVD myself I thought the scenes were both beautiful and relaxing." (Erica Scott Belfast)

“That is lovely” (A Birmingham comment normal hearing) 

“The River & Sea DVD is lovely. I have had the sound turned up and it ALL makes good viewing. My two sons & partner sat and watched it too! — the dog fell asleep!" (Sonja from Devon Normal hearing)

“The DVD is wonderful, the sounds and the scenery are beautiful. I thought I would just say thank you so much by e-mail".

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