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It’s Your Body! Think!
Given a reasonable start, your body (and mind) respond to what you do , eat, drink and think — and to your environment.

Physical discomfort contributes to tension and this makes tinnitus worse. So avoid discomfort. Think about it. There is plenty of advice about. (Ignore sales ads for junk foods/medicines.)

Tension in your mind is even worse, so think about how to reduce this. Go on think. Don’t just assume that because you are a tense person you can’t get out of it! You can if you really want to. It may involve some sacrifice of mistaken ideas youv’e adopted. The daftest thing I have heard is the lazy person who says “Oh I listened to the relaxation tape/CD several times but it did nothing for me”. Of course it didn’t — that is why the tape/CD is called ‘Listen & Do’. Do we prefer the problem or are we prepared to put time and energy into learning?

Be honest with yourself. Eat regularly, breakfast/lunch/evening meal and a small snack on retiring. (Not rubbish food.) Learn the relaxed approach. Don’t recycle your problems all the time — discipline your thinking in a positive way.

You can be your own best friend if you are prepared to look after your body and your mind.

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