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Formal Treatments

Most people obtain relief with the measures we suggest. Your doctor may refer you to an ENT or audiology clinic  where Habituation Therapy previously known as NBM (Neurophysiologically-Based Management) is adapted by clinicians to suit individual needs. This may include Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT).

Habituation therapy provides support to adjust thought processes, general health and usually some form of prosthetic aid through the use of hearing aids or a similar device called a wearable  noise generator. The latter emits a low volume wide band sound into the ear and is worn for long
periods. Your GP or clinic will provide more details. Health problems and specific drugs sometimes used to aid relief should always be discussed with your doctor. Research into relief is ongoing.

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This web site is not a substitute for or alternative to qualified medical advice. A qualified medical advisor should always be consulted on any health problem.
Be very suspicious of expensive so called cures and equipment and refer them to your doctor.

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