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'River and Sea' (DVD)
visual music for sensory enrichment.

A new DVD (available on request) designed to help deaf people is proving a positive help to all.

After some trial and lots of error we have produced a VISUAL AND AUDIO TOOL for use in sensory enrichment therapy originally designed for people who be may be unable to use sounds. It has found wider use with hearing people. Please note the sound is natural and unedited so please keep volume down.

A registered hearing therapist in London wrote:-

"I have experienced tinnitus all my life and extraordinarily
the River & Sea DVD completely masked it for a while"

See 'testimonials' for a few more comments.

THE PAINTER KANDINSKY USED COLOURS TO CONJURE UP 'MUSIC IN THE SENSES' in what he called ‘visual music’ From work at the Science Museum, Dr Ward deduced that although most of us do not literally ‘hear’ colours, the experience of ‘visual Music’ can be appreciated by all.

These two short videos are presented on this DVD to provide a means of visual sensory support and enrichment as part of a program of habituation therapy. (supervised and/or self-help.) We suggest that you practice relaxation and deep breathing techniques or just relax whilst watching. Your hearing adviser can give you guidance, encouragement and the positive confidence-building attitude that can come from informed advice. Remember, as with all therapies, time and willpower bring success!

Based on extensive experience using wide band sounds, especially of moving water, these videos aim to demonstrate that the provision of suitable undemanding visual images (visual music) can sooth the emotional part of the brain. This therapy appears to work in much the same way that undemanding wide band sounds, like the seashore, assist in reducing harmful tension while enhancing habituation for tinnitus. Time and patience are needed to overcome long established head noises and ingrained memory sound patterns.
Thought should be given to other diverting and therapeutic moving and still images that help to break into the vicious circle of anxiety and its negative effects.

'All the time' relaxation is a helpful way of thinking e.g. be aware of small tensions. Relax your hand on the phone, steering wheel etc. Relax shoulders, neck, mouth and avoid frowning, tooth grinding and white knuckles!
Try smiling! In addition to any time you set aside for more formal relaxation sessions, you will benefit from an habitually relaxed approach to all aspects of you life and work and play. (I did with good effect after many years of disbelieving impatience!)

Please communicate!. Spouses, sons, daughters and friends call on behalf of hearing-impaired folk but, regrettably, we cannot always speak directly to profoundly deaf individuals so we invite communication via email or letter. Hopefully you may be encouraged to explore other helpful ways of providing the sensory enrichment to help diminish those head noises. It took about 5 years to find the present successful sea sounds so work continues onfinding images to help all including the hearing impaired.


"TAKE A BREAK! Just stop for while and let your soul catch up !!
(Remember your audiologist’s advice)

Although intended for deaf people the video helps hearing people.
For max. therapeutic use: allocate about half hour & devote full attention to:-

Sit comfortably and practice deep breathing & stress/relaxing exercises for a few moments.
Continue sitting comfortably and watch the video whilst continuing breathing and relaxing exercises.
Be sure to breath properly and avoid interruption. Be patient! Remain calm.
Continue listening, at convenient times. to undemanding, low-volume, wide-frequency sounds such as ‘Seashore’.
Avoid complete silence.

Please remember the sound is natural and unedited so please keep volume down. "

Available from HUSH
Tinnitus Explained, Hull, East Yorks, UK. E-mail: hulltinnitusgroup@outlook.com
This web site is not a substitute for or alternative to qualified medical advice. A qualified medical advisor should always be consulted on any health problem.
Be very suspicious of expensive so called cures and equipment and refer them to your doctor.

hush is an entirely voluntary registered charity in the UK no. 1051557. 

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