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HUSH wholeheartedly supports the excellent work being done by audiologists, hearing therapists and ENT depts countrywide. We try to be a good backup service.

Picture shows the Late Bill Howard (Chairman) presenting new diagnostic equipment (donated by HUSH and costing over 30,000) to Audiologists Alison Hood and Carl Davy. (Who wrote the following notes)

OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS THE LOCAL TINNITUS SERVICE HAS DEVELOPED CONSIDERABLY. Previously the treatment for tinnitus was often "get used to it" or "learn to live with it".

We now know this is not the case but the change did not happen overnight and unfortunately there is still plenty of misinformation about tinnitus.

Over many years HUSH, led by Bill and Barbara, has been a major influence in changing attitudes regarding tinnitus and the way we treat tinnitus here in Hull. From the financial help in sending staff on courses and to various meetings, to the manufacture and supply of relaxation and sound enrichment tapes, CDs and equipment. We now have three members of staff at Hull royal with specific training and interest in tinnitus and its treatment, Rebeca Dunn, Alison Hood, and Carl davy.

Initially each technician ran a tinnitus clinic dealing with patients on a one-to-one basis and focused mainly on Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). These initial personal sessions are one and a half to two hours long and as tinnitus rehabilitation became more popular and people became better informed the waiting time for these services steadily increased. Two additions to our services have greatly reduced the wait for tinnitus treatment, firstly relaxation classes and secondly group tinnitus information sessions.

A MAJOR PART OF TRT IS RELAXATION and it became apparent that teaching this properly was too time consuming for individual sessions, with the help of HUSH relaxation groups were then started. By having a group of people attend regularly this enabled us to look at relaxation in far more depth while patients were putting aside specific time to do the exercises in a controlled environment making them more effective. These groups have proved quite successful and as relaxation can be beneficial for many other problems other than tinnitus we are now seeing patients with dizziness and hearing difficulties as well.

A significant portion of the one-to-one tinnitus sessions became longer it was felt that information given to these patients could also be done in a group situation. Since these groups have been introduced patients are seen a lot quicker and also seem to find that meeting other tinnitus sufferers is helpful. We also try and encourage people to bring a partner, relative or friend with them so, hopefully, they will also have a better understanding of what is happening.

THE GROUP SESSION is usually split into two parts, the first being information plus education about the structure of the ear including how and why we hear tinnitus in such a negative way. In the second part we talk more about the practical aspects of treating tinnitus, giving information and advice on various things including relaxation and various aspects of sound enrichment.

At the end of each group session patients are given the option of attending relaxation classes and also seeing a counsellor for an individual session if required. There is a selection of environmental aids on offer at the end of each session including tapes, CDs and pillow speakers. We have also recorded a sample of the deep relaxes from the relaxation group to give patients a taster of what to expect at the groups and help those attending to keep in practice in-between the classes.

Time is set-aside at the end of the session to allow any person attending the group to ask questions this can be either to the group in general or more privately to one of the counsellors.

Anyone wishing to attend one of our group sessions would be very welcome and should call the Audiology Department on (01482) 624833 leaving name & details and a contact number on the answer phone. This is also the number for anyone wishing to make general enquiries about our services.

HUSH is grateful to the management and staff of the audiology department for their skill and dedication helping tinnitus people far beyond the call of duty. We are proud to have been associated with them.
Tinnitus Explained, Hull, East Yorks, UK. E-mail: hulltinnitusgroup@outlook.com
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Be very suspicious of expensive so called cures and equipment and refer them to your doctor.

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