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More about HUSH,
Hull Tinnitus Selfhelp

Hull Tinnitus Self-Help :
Based in East Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.
Founder : The Late BILL HOWARD, who wrote most of this web site, ran our Helpline for over 20 years bringing comfort to thousands, produced 'Seashore Sounds' our highly rated CD, and also our 'River & Sea' DVD. A Good Samaritan if ever there was one.

Mike Newbury, Honorary Treasurer & Chair
Irene Newbury, Trustee


Please note HUSH is run by unpaid volunteers.

Direct practical help for tinnitus people NOW is a priority for HUSH so down with tinnitus doom and gloom ! After careful thought HUSH focuses its resources on active contact and support of habituation therapy for people who are sorely troubled NOW. It is more time and energy consuming than fund raising for more glamourous research into possible drugs however laudable. Research may involve several generations and still require current habituation therapies. The traumatic effects that sometimes result from trials with drugs not to mention side effects have to be considered. So medicines are best left to specialist medics

Effective non-drug habituation therapies are here now and do work well if presented with confidence and used sensibly by the troubled individual. This focus is shared with many informed medics and audiologists and other charity workers in tinnitus field.

"We thought your leaflet was very clear and to the point and would like to offer it to our clients. Please could we request 200 copies to distribute? Keep up your good work!" London clinic

HUSH work for tinnitus people is through personal contact via a help line, Email, and post. As a small, but very experienced group in East Yorkshire and it is hoped that individuals and groups will find the suggestions useful in living with, but not suffering from, tinnitus. If you have suggestions to make please write, phone, email hush. Address and telephone number are given on publications.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Thanks are due for the practical help and guidance of Hull's audiology & ENT teams, the Medical Education Centre, all the people who have given kindly advice, very generous members and the National Lottery whose grant bought essential computer & printer.

As unpaid volunteers with personal tinnitus experience we are well aware for the needs of people with tinnitus and the importance of understanding help.

Tinnitus Explained, Hull, East Yorks, UK. E-mail: hulltinnitusgroup@outlook.com
This web site is not a substitute for or alternative to qualified medical advice. A qualified medical advisor should always be consulted on any health problem.
Be very suspicious of expensive so called cures and equipment and refer them to your doctor.

hush is an entirely voluntary registered charity in the UK no. 1051557. 

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